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back to the roots

While ago I got an opportunity to restore a 1995 Rock Shox JUDY SL fork in its original yellow colour, and to fully riding condition. Time left and the fork has gone from my workshop. Today I've got yet another opportunity to restore another JUDY SL. I decided to make this restoration rather incomplete, as an "open project", and let someone else finish it. I started this restoration with my spare lower legs and cantilever brake arch I had unused for a long time. Rock Shox JUDY SL forks have been iconic since the '90s and therefore I wanted to make the restoration in the most wanted yellow colour. A key for the restoration was to find as original JUDY colour as possible and this is my choice. Finally, I decided to make this restoration more authentic, therefore I`ve made some "patina" usage. The lower legs got a set of JUDY SL decals.

Do you wish to complete this project? I can help you with my “back-to-the-roots” package:

  • 2 x lower legs, including original Rock Shox JUDY bushings
  • 2 x titanium lower leg bolts (one with the hole for adjustment)
  • 1 x brake arch
  • 2 x titanium brake arch bolts
  • 2 x original fork boots
  • 1 x crown with a 190mm aluminium steerer (1-1/8”)
  • 4 x titanium crown bolts
  • 1 x JUDY damping cartridge sticker (optional)

Even more interesting? Send me a message to get more information about the offer. Thank you.