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1996 rock shox judy xc overhauling

This facelift is the next in a row. Now I do a facelift of my own 1996 Rock Shox Judy XC fork I rode in the '90s. The fork has been in great condition for a long time, already with Kronos coil springs, but with a malfunctioning (empty) damper cartridge. However, with a new coming project of the Heavy Tools HT Comp, I decided to take the fork back in life.

First I rebuild the cartridge. When disassembling the fork I did surprise that the cartridge was a newer one, with the aluminium body (I should have replaced it, but I can`t remember), mechanically in very good condition, but without any oil. I found out that there were missing some small parts to fix the cartridge not leaking again, so I completed them all and I filled the cartridge in with Rock Shox oil. Now the cartridge doesn`t leak anymore.

The original painting was in very good condition, too. I didn`t remove it, I just made some cosmetic repairs. The brake arch allowed using classic cantilever brakes, but I decided to use V-brakes. Instead of removing the brake cable-stop, I found a very used arch on “evil-bay”. After that, I repainted the arch.

Rock Shox Judy XC forks had all stainless steel bolts, while the SL had all titanium hardware. I did manage to find all the titanium hardware and replaced it. The original, but short steel steerer had been replaced. Now my fork looks more like SL than XC.

I have placed the fork in the Heavy Tools HT Comp project and repainted it in Volkswagen/Audi silver-like frame. Well, to be honest, my paint job was not sooo perfect and you may find some cosmetic marks here and there. Anyhow, all the overhauling was a great experience and I`m glad that my Judy XC fork is back in life again.