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1996 rock shox judy sl facelift

I did a complete restoration of the Nakamura Vertical MTB and my friend asked me for new suspension forks. I made a choice of Rock Shox Judy SL. The forks were in excellent condition; however, I decided to re-spray them. Before that, I checked all internals - bushings, dust seal/wipers, and hydraulic bumper cartridge. All worked well, nothing to restore. I checked uppers/stanchions and I found them without cosmetic blemishes. All titanium hardware is kept in place; the original fork boots are ready for reinstallation if needed. Old MCU springs were good, but I changed them with Kronos coil springs to get a better forks function. Thanks to my other friend`s help we swapped the old short steerer with a brand new 25cm-long one.

Forks re-spraying fitted exactly the same colour as the frame. We used the Audi Dolomite Grey colour. Before re-spraying I did all the preparation work to perfectly prepare the surface. The old colour was stripped down, and both legs and brace were brushed. Once re-sprayed, the legs and brace were polished. New Rock Shox decals were applied in the end as well.