shimano xtr fc-m952 crankset restoration

In fact, I wanted to use this crankset in my retro MTB project of Heavy Tools HT Comp, but in the end, I decided to use another drivetrain and thus these cranks left unused in the bin. The arms were in a well-driven condition, therefore I did complete restoration and painting. I cleaned up and brushed well both arms, then I sprayed them with acid primer and a very durable black-eben coating. The "Shimano XTR" logo has been professionally lasered. Pedal threads on the left arm were damaged, thus I used a Helicoil screw thread insert (and this is why I couldn`t have anodized the cranks). I bought the cranks without original XTR chainrings, but I mounted up older XTR M900 ones. The 5-arm spider is the original XTR.

  • Peter Lúčanský


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