I have some new and used bicycle parts and accessories that are no longer used by myself and I`d like to move them on.

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...a mountain bike you have always dreamt of.
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Welcome to my web-site, a personal presentation of a mountain bike enthusiast living, working and riding a bike in the heart of Europe. My name`s Peter Lucansky and I live and work in Bratislava, Slovakia. I`m happy to introduce myself to you by the means of this web-site.

First of all I`m a mountain biker with all my heart. Mountain bike is my lifestyle. I`ve been cycling since 1990 and mountain biking since 1992. I prefer cross-country biking, although I used to do cyclo-cross (far in the past) and ride mountain bike marathons.
You can find more information in my profile.

Malta Experience

A long time ago I had an idea about this project - just to create a personal web-site, encode an XHTML-based web-site (i.e. without any WYSWYG editor support) and write some personal information about myself.

Later I realized that I`m one of many bikers who want to emphasize their individuality just by a mountain bike. My hobby - passion - is a mountain bike assembly, repair and tuning with a focus on an individual custom design, bike components singularity and originality.

An essential idea of the custom bikes building project is to build, improve and ride mountain bikes with passion and personal enthusiasm. Hence my passion is ...a mountain bike you have always dreamt of.

I believe you find a lot of information and recommendations on my web-site that help you build your dream bike. If you`re even looking for more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Malta, a small island country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, has become my favourite summer-holiday destination for many years. I spent there lots of time, thus I decided to publish here some self-made pictures of beautiful Malta.

This web-site has been created in two language versions – in English and slovensky.