judy fork maintenance

I'm happy to help you with the Rock Shox JUDY fork maintenance. I do overall fork maintenance and tuning for JUDY model years 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998, all models (XC, SL, DH, and FSX). I work with original Rock Shox parts and products, and with some OEM parts manufacturers. I make original and/or custom Rock Shox JUDY fork and cartridge decals for all models.

I don`t sell OEM parts yet, however, I can help you get the right parts, or contact the OEM manufacturer directly and get your spare and/or tuning kit before the fork maintenance. Please note that you're responsible for shipping the fork/parts both ways. Thank you.

I mainly focus on bikers in Europe. Send me a message to get detailed information about possible maintenance or tuning of your Rock Shox JUDY fork, the scope of work, and the cost of service.

Here are the activities I usually do in my JUDY fork maintenance:

  • complete fork disassembling that includes cleaning and de-greasing all internals, inc. stanchions and lower legs (i.e. fork casting), an inspection of all parts, and making a proposition for upcoming replacement and/or tuning
  • replacing oil in Generation 2(1) damping cartridge
  • rebuilding Generation 2(1) damping cartridge
  • replacing worn-out dust wipers(2)
  • replacing worn-out bushings(2)
  • installing foam o-rings
  • installing coil springs kit(2)
  • installing MCU/elastomers kit(2)
  • re-greasing all internals
  • tuning with titanium bolts kit(2)
  • replacing fork steerer(2)
  • polishing or chromium plating(3) fork crown
  • printing and sticking new JUDY decals(4)

1995 and 1996 Rock Shox Judy XC Decals/Nalepky
1995 and 1996 Rock Shox Judy SL Decals/Nalepky
1995 and 1996 Rock Shox Judy SL OEM Decals/Nalepky
1995 and 1996 Rock Shox Judy DH Decals/Nalepky
1996 Rock Shox Judy FSX Decals/Nalepky
1995 and 1996 Rock Shox Judy Cartridge Decals/Nalepky
1997 Rock Shox Judy Adjuster Knob Decal

(1) I only service damping cartridges with aluminium bodies, must be a factory Rock Shox JUDY cartridge as well. Generation 1 cartridges with plastic bodies are well-known as non-serviceable.
(2) I don`t sell original Rock Shox or OEM fork parts. You're responsible for buying.
(3) Crown chromium plating is possible only for the JUDY model years 1995 and 1996. It requires the steerer to be removed. That means that the overall price may include steerer replacement costs.
(4) I frequently make a 1996 Rock Shox JUDY decals kit, however, I can make any other classic model year (1995 - 1998) and/or any custom JUDY decals.


Peter Lucansky


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Peter Lúčanský


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